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      Polling center and customer relationship company's quality inspection standard on July 89 with the aim of carrying out all polls As well as paving the way for communication was established industries and customers.

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      Providing educational services and the standard of quality inspection company in 1376 according to the industry need quality issues And optimization of management thinking was created and since then has been able to operate in different industries.

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      This organization aims to maintain competitiveness and business growth in today's market environment variable is created.

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    • Iran-backed companies, agencies Standard and Quality Inspection Center of Scientific and according to the instructions in service to fellow citizens is
      Along with the advancement of knowledge and technology production centers of international standards, rules the day to protect humans and the environment are developed
      Organizers understanding of the mental, cultural, social and technical customers, the production of goods or service attractive to consumers will
      Standard of Quality Inspection and Quality Inspection with knowledgeable personnel with other companies in the corporate world
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